RAPPORT: Tracking the Russian hybrid warfare – cases from Nordic-Baltic countries

Denne rapport fra maj 2024 ser på hybridcases fra Norden og Baltikum. Den danske case er skrevet af Jeanette Serritzlev.

Om rapporten:

In this report, the Stockholm Free World Forum has gathered experts from all Nordic-Baltic states to showcase examples of Russian hybrid attacks against our countries. Russia employs a broad variety of tools in these coordinated attacks, including disinformation, cyber attacks, pranksters, vandalism, sabotage, twisting historical narratives, and even leveraging the Russian Orthodox Church for malign purposes. By seeking out and mapping weak spots and dividing lines within target countries, Russia aims to manipulate elections, sow societal discord, and undermine democratic institutions. These actions serve to challenge and weaken the Western-dominated, rules-based international order, which the Kremlin perceives as a threat to its great power ambitions.

The report emphasizes the urgency of countering these intensifying attacks, driven by Russia’s increasingly reckless strategic goals and disregard for consequences. Enhanced coordination and activity are essential to create a better deterrence against hybrid threats. To achieve this, it is suggested to establish a special mechanism within the NB8-framework to strengthen collective defense and safeguard the stability and democratic integrity of the Nordic-Baltic region.”

Læs hele rapporten her: https://frivarld.se/rapporter/tracking-the-russian-hybrid-warfare-cases-from-nordic-baltic-countries/