BOOK: Information Warfare – Influence & Propaganda in Modern Warfare (2023)

Author: Jeanette Serritzlev. Publisher: Samfundslitteratur.

Information warfare is an essential part of modern warfare, where information is used as a weapon and an instrument of power. It is also a form of political warfare, which is part of a dynamic interaction with the state’s four classic instruments of power: diplomacy, information, military and economy (DIME).

Trieng to influence the fighting will of the enemy’s soldiers or population is as old as war itself. However, modern technology and globalization have changed the battlefield. It is no longer an isolated physical place where soldiers fight. The battlefield is now everywhere. Also, the distinction between war and peace is increasingly blurred.

Information warfare is conducted through a wide range of tools – even in peacetime. ‘Information Warfare – Influence and Propaganda in Modern Warfare’ provides an introduction to a number of different forms of influence, including propaganda, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 was a grim reminder that information is central to modern warfare. A separate chapter is therefore dedicated to an investigation of the role of information warfare in Russian military strategy.

The book is aimed at students within the social sciences, the Armed Forces’ training courses, journalism and communication – and others with an interest in how influence and propaganda characterize modern reality.